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Important Grade 4 Vocabulary (translated by Google) has a link on the WELCOME page.  These words will be on the FCAT test.


Beginning the second week of the second quarter, all classes will be completing a Synthesis Journal for each class session.  


All students are to prepare their Synthesis Journal form using their notebook paper at the beginning of class while the instructor is taking attendance so the form will be ready for writing at the end of class.

Ten to fifteen minutes at the end of class will be set aside for timed writing using the Synthesis Journal form.  The objectives are many.  However, the time in class is aimed at increasing writing fluency.  Papers will not be collected until the following class.  This will give each student a chance to make additions and corrections or to add details and examples before submitting the work.  With practice, writing will become more fluent and more detailed with fewer errors in verb use, pronouns, prepositions, and punctuation.  The goal is to work toward automaticity in combining metacognition (recall-analyze-connect) with conventions of English language structure.


If a student is absent, the student will submit a paper stating the dates of absence and whether the absence was excused or unexcused.  An "X" will be placed in the grade book accordingly.
































Welcome to Regan's Room Wiki.

This "wiki" is for ESL students in Miami, FL.!






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